Company Values

No matter where style has taken the world, our inner compass has made certain we kept close to our genuine maritime origins.

We take pride in keeping our brand name genuine; never ever being something we are not.

Violetclothes is woven from the maritime way of life, the nautical undertones that symbolize the perfect balance in between a city, active life and the understanding of where to discover the peace one needs to live an enthusiastic, quality owned life.

Credibility is a top priority for us, to be real to who we are, and where we originate from, and the foundation of every Violetclothes collection is for that reason a take on the timeless navy pea coat. We look to the genuine and conventional pieces and twist them a little to match collections, seasons and the male and the lady these days.

Another compass piece, revealing the instructions of the collection and the brand name, will be the glamorous and genuine cable television knit. A standard craft, whose complex patterns can be traced to the area a sailor originated from, these pieces will assist us into additional refining the menswear and ladies ‘swear collections from Violetclothes.